Coix lachryma Linn.

Family: Gramineae


Family Synonyms

Common Names

Tasbi (Bengali), Job's Tears (England), Ranjan (Marma), Lacrima di Giobbe (Tipra), Yemi ren (Chinese), Jelai batu (Malaysia), Juzudama (Japanese).

Local Availability

All over Bangladesh in fallow lands.

Worldwide Availability

Common throughout the Philippines in settled areas, at low and medium altitudes, in most or all islands and provinces. Native of the Old World. Now pantropic.

Botanical Description 21

Tasbi growing plant about 1 to 2m in height. Leaves of these plants are broad and cordate base, about 4 cm in width, 10 to 40 cm in long. While, stem are stout, branched and straight. Even as spikes a

Common Ethnobotanical Use 22

The plants are knows as laxative and diuretic; used in fever, tumour, cancers , small fox, anthrax and dysentery. Roots are usually taken in strangury and menstrual complaints, although seeds are blood purifier, diuretic and tonic. Furthermore, seeds are used in inflammation of urinary passage, and also in catarrhal addection of the air passage.

Chemical Constituents

Compound Name Compound in Plant Parts Reference
Vanillic acidSeed; Root2, 9
VanillinSeed; Root1, 9
p-HydroxybenzaldehydeSeed; Root1, 9
SyringaldehydeSeed1, 2, 9
trans-p-Coumaric acidSeed2
p-Hydroxybenzoic acidRoot9
Caffeic acidSeed; Root2, 9
Protocatechuic acidSeed2
Myristic acidSeed8
Leonuriside ARoot7
Ferulic acidSeed; Root2, 4, 9
CoixolSeed; Root1, 6
Coixspirolactam ASeed3, 5
Coixspirolactam BSeed3, 5
Coixspirolactam CSeed3, 5
Coixlactam Seed3, 5
Methyl dioxindole-3-acetateSeed3, 5
Syringic acidSeed; Root4, 9
4-Ketopinoresinol Seed; Root4, 7
4-(beta-D-Glucopyranosyloxy)benzoic acidRoot9
Coixlachryside A Root9

Pharmacological Evidence

Plants Parts Extract Type Activity Reference
Methylene Chloride Lung Cancer 10
Aqueous Antibacterial 18
Ethanol Antidiabetic 19
Aqueous; Ethanol Anthelmintic 20
Methanol Cervical Cancer 16
Methanol Colon Cancer 17
Ethanol Gastric Cancer 12
Oil Anticancer 11
Ethanol Antiulcerant 12
Dried Antiviral 13
Ethanol Antidiabetic 14
Whole Plant
Polyphenol Cardioprotective 15


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