Ventilago madraspatana

Family: Rhamnaceae


Family Synonyms

Common Names

Pitti(Hindi), Kenwti(Hindi), kalibel(Hindi), Red creeper(English)

Local Availability

Chittagong Hill Tracts

Worldwide Availability

Botanical Description 15

Ventilago maderaspatana is a large, woody, ever green climber with branches hanging down in festoon sand. It is commonly known as red creeper. Bark is dark grey in colour with vertical cracks exposing

Common Ethnobotanical Use 16

Ventilago madraspatana is traditionally used to treat many disorders like skin problems, fever, and diabetes and also used as digestive carminative. It is believed that it possess the healing effect of dyspepsia, colic disorder, leprosy, scabies, pruritis and other skin disorders and general disability. The powder of stem bark mixed with gingelly oil is applied externally to treat skin diseases and itches. The root bark of V. maderaspatana is used as a carminative, stomachic, stimulant and vitiated connection of kapha, colic flatulence and enysipelas. Bark paste of this plant is used to treatment of bone fracture. Tender branches also used to treat vertigo. Latex of this plant is used to cure edema. Bark is also used to thermogenic, alexeteric, flatulence and tonic. Bark and leaves are used to cure malarial fever. Seeds mixed with milk or/and water has showed antidiabetic activity by taken directly.

Chemical Constituents

Compound Name Compound in Plant Parts Reference
ChrysophanolRoot Bark1
PhyscionRoot Bark; Stem Bark1, 5
EmodinRoot Bark; Stem Bark1, 5
Ventinone ARoot Bark1
Ventiloquinone JWhole Plant4
IslandicinRoot Bark1
XanthorinRoot Bark1
Xanthorin-5-methyl etherRoot Bark1
MaderoneRoot Bark2
CordeauxioneRoot Bark2
Ventiloquinone ARoot Bark3
Ventiloquinone BRoot Bark3
Ventiloquinone ERoot Bark; Whole Plant3, 4
Ventiloquinone FRoot Bark3
Ventiloquinone GRoot Bark; Whole Plant3, 4
Ventiloquinone HRoot Bark3
EleutherinWhole Plant4
Ventilone BRoot Bark6
Aromadendrin-4'-methyl etherRoot7
VentilaginoneRoot Bark2
VentilagolRoot Bark2
IsocordeauxioneRoot Bark2
(E)-6-(3,4-dihydroxy-2-methyl-4-(2,6,6-trimethylcyclohex-2-enyl)but-1-enyl)-7-methoxy-2H-chromen-2-oneStem Bark8
Ventiloquinone CRoot Bark3
Ventiloquinone DRoot Bark3
Ventilone CWhole Plant4, 6
Ventilone ARoot Bark6
Ventilone DRoot Bark6
Ventilone ERoot Bark6

Pharmacological Evidence

Plants Parts Extract Type Activity Reference
Ethanol Breast Cancer 9
Methanol Antidiabetic 11
Stem Bark
Water; Methanol; Chloroform Anticancer 5
Chloroform; Ethanol Antibacterial 10
Whole Plant
Petroleum Ether; Benzene; Ethyl Acetate; Methanol; Ethanol Antidiabetic 12
Ethanol Stroke Prevention 13
Ethanol Hepatoprotective 14


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